Jade Regent by Xzaral

Session 3

4 Gozran 4711

Our intrepid adventurer’s continue on exploring the cave. As they make their way in, they combat several skeletal soldiers bearing the Tianese armaments. Eventually it culminates in a battle against a strange skeleton guarding a red lacquered chest. Having defeated the skeleton, they take the treasures discovered within and make their way back to Walthus’s shack for the evening.

5 Gozran 4711

They return the next day to Sandpoint, with tails of what they have discovered for Ameiko. Conversing with her over their discoveries, they show her the note they discovered in the hilt of the Wakizashi wielded by the skeleton. They discover information pointing to Ameiko having roots at Brinewall Castle. A decision is made that they will head that direction to learn more.

12 Gozran 4711

Over the next week, a Caravan is assembled. Recruited for the journey are a few residents of Sandpoint. First is Sandru Vhiski, who owns the caravan which they will use, as well as a friend of Palmer and Dunham. Next is Koya Mvashti, a local fortune teller. Finally is Shalelu Andasona, resident elven protector of Sandpoint. The caravan sets off without issue on the journey, expected to take 16 days.

14 Gozran 4711

The caravan is ambushed by goblins, which are easily dealt with.



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