Jade Regent by Xzaral

Session 3

4 Gozran 4711

Our intrepid adventurer’s continue on exploring the cave. As they make their way in, they combat several skeletal soldiers bearing the Tianese armaments. Eventually it culminates in a battle against a strange skeleton guarding a red lacquered chest. Having defeated the skeleton, they take the treasures discovered within and make their way back to Walthus’s shack for the evening.

5 Gozran 4711

They return the next day to Sandpoint, with tails of what they have discovered for Ameiko. Conversing with her over their discoveries, they show her the note they discovered in the hilt of the Wakizashi wielded by the skeleton. They discover information pointing to Ameiko having roots at Brinewall Castle. A decision is made that they will head that direction to learn more.

12 Gozran 4711

Over the next week, a Caravan is assembled. Recruited for the journey are a few residents of Sandpoint. First is Sandru Vhiski, who owns the caravan which they will use, as well as a friend of Palmer and Dunham. Next is Koya Mvashti, a local fortune teller. Finally is Shalelu Andasona, resident elven protector of Sandpoint. The caravan sets off without issue on the journey, expected to take 16 days.

14 Gozran 4711

The caravan is ambushed by goblins, which are easily dealt with.

Session 2

Having finished off the Licktoad goblins, our intrpeid group of adventurer’s proceeded back to Sandpoint to spread news of their deed and to collect their reward. Arriving in town, they look into the map on the fan they had found and decided to head back to the swamp the next day to learn more about the marked locations.

2 Gozran 4711

Heading back to Brinestump marsh, they decide first to head to the shack of a man named Walthus Proudstump, the self named ‘Warden’ of the marsh. Heading to his shack, they discover that he has been replaced by a vile aberration. With the beast defeated, they discover the real Walthus upstairs, drained of blood but still very much trying to be self-reliant. Feeding them a meal for the evening, they retire, heading out to the witch Megus’s hut to see if they can learn more.

3 Gozran 4711

Coming around the marsh they find the hut of the witch Megus. The hut, abandoned for some time, poses a question of what has happened to the witch. Beginning a search of the building, they are attacked by a pack of dire rats, as well as a human faced rat creature. With the foes slain, they find the body of a deformed skeleton, possibly Megus. They decide to investigate one of the shipwrecks on the way back to Walthus’s. The ship, named the ときに彼女津スター (Kaijitsu Star in Tian), has rotted mostly away. While inscirbing the foreign name, they spot a creature in the distance watching them. What ill does this creature bode? Walthus’s provides another night of comfort.

4 Gozran 4711

Starting out once again, they head to the next ship on their agenda, then to the skull marked cavern. At the sight of the 2nd shipwreck, named the ときに彼女津花 (Kaijitsu Blossom in Tian), they are attacked by 3 skeletons, wielding strange weapons of unknown design. Having inscribed this name on paper as well, they then proceed to head to the caverns.

At the caverns, they begin the exploration, to be attacked by a ferocious spider. The creature is defeated, but the exploration will continue.

Session 1

1 Gozran 4711

Our intrepid band of adventurer’s have gathered at the town of Sandpoint. Learning of an unusual goblin attack on a caravan, Sherrif Belor Hemlock has posted a bounty of 10gp per relatively fresh goblin ear, and a 300gp bounty of for the head of the Licktoad goblin chieftan.

Having met through their individual goals to defeat the goblins, the heroes band together and head to Brinestump Marsh. Investigating the ruins of the caravan attack, the heroes are able to find a trail from the goblins leading deeper into the Marsh.

Eventually they come upon the goblin fort, signs of a previous attack evident. While investigating the fort, the remaining goblins attack the heroes. Battle is joined but the heroes prove victorious.


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