Character Creation

A note on character backgrounds/concepts:

While this adventure path will eventually go to Tian Xia, it starts in the town of Sandpoint in Varisia. When creating characters, keep that in mind. This doesn’t mean no ninja or samurai allowed, just have a backstory for it.

Character Creation will be as follows:

Ability Scores: Characters will be built utilizing 20 point buy.
Races: Core races presented in the Player’s Handbook will be used. Will allow others based on review.
Classes: Classes and Archtypes presented in the PHB, APG, UM, and UC will be allowed. Please be aware that some classes (such as Gunslinger) do not have a significant presence in Jade Regent. This doesn’t mean don’t expect to acquire any items for such a character. I will adapt magic items in the adventure to reflect the group we have.
Alignments: No evil.
Traits: Each character will be alotted 3 traits with the following restrictions. One trait must be from the Jade Regent Player’s Guide, to better reflect a connection to the overall story. Of the other two traits one should be a skill or flavor trait, and not a combat-oriented trait. I’ll be the final judge of what constitues a combat-oriented trait.
Hit Points: Max at start, average+1 at level up (d6=4, d8=5, d10=6, d12=7)
Available Material: If it’s official Paizo Pathfinder material, it’s okay. I’m not very partial to 3.5 or 3rd party material. Doesn’t mean I won’t allow it, but it’s case-by-case only.
Starting Gold: Max for class.
Anything not listed Feel free to ask.

Character Creation

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