The Caravan

The first decision I would like the group to make is whether or not to use the Caravan Rules as presented in the Player’s Guide. The rules simplify Caravan Combat significantly, and overall is a mini-game type addition to the Adventure Path.

If we do choose to use the Caravan rules, based on input from the Paizo website and others who have ran this Adventure Path, I will be making a few adjustments to the Caravan rules for game play balance.

Caravan Base Damage: I will be upping Caravan base damage to ‘1d6/level’ instead of ‘1d6+level’. It was found that while at lower levels caravan damage was fine, at mid to higher levels it did not keep up.

Traders: It’s abit of a discussion if the caravans make enough money to support themselves. I will be looking at this topic and adjusting incomes if it’s needed. My current thoughts are to double the GP income from Trader rolls.

The Caravan

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