Jade Regent by Xzaral

Session 1

1 Gozran 4711

Our intrepid band of adventurer’s have gathered at the town of Sandpoint. Learning of an unusual goblin attack on a caravan, Sherrif Belor Hemlock has posted a bounty of 10gp per relatively fresh goblin ear, and a 300gp bounty of for the head of the Licktoad goblin chieftan.

Having met through their individual goals to defeat the goblins, the heroes band together and head to Brinestump Marsh. Investigating the ruins of the caravan attack, the heroes are able to find a trail from the goblins leading deeper into the Marsh.

Eventually they come upon the goblin fort, signs of a previous attack evident. While investigating the fort, the remaining goblins attack the heroes. Battle is joined but the heroes prove victorious.



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